My ex told me that he hates me and hates everything about me, did he mean it?

I loved this guy and treated him so well. I'm glad the relationship is over though because he was unfaithful and mean after putting on a good act to make me fall in love with him. I can't stop thinking about the good memories though. He did do me wrong so many times and I was the one who was always there for him and he always told me that he loved me no matter what and I was the only person who was ever there for him when he needed it. After a year together we mutually broke up because I couldn't deal with his struggle to be faithful anymore. I did everything I could to make him happy but he has so many issues with himself and he was very absuive emotionally. after breaking up he cut me off and tried sleeping with one of my friends, talks all kinds of shit about me and what not. Today I messaged him asking him to stop with the hate games and trying to hurt me by pursuing my friends and he told me that he hates me and hates everything about me and will never care enough about me to be on good terms. It's hard to explain but we went through so much together and there's no way that he could just hate me and act like I never mattered. He's literally cried to me hoping he would never lose me. I love him so much even though I know I can't ever be with him again because he was a very bad boyfriend but he lives so close to me and I just feel like I'm going to pass out everytime I cross paths with him and I'm in so much pain because I don't want to lose him like this. I hate being on bad terms and what if he never makes it right? and the things he said to me are replaying In my head over and over and it hurts.


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  • You didn't get in a relationship with him from him hating you, so no, he is probably hurt just like you.


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  • he's hurt so lashing out. You both agreed to mutually split so leave him be for now

  • The person you talking about sounds like my dad and the women that he dated. That called a psychopath, he had sometime of problem and he is pissed that you broke up with him because he probably loved you a lot but he didn't know how to be faithful back. It's probably best for him for him to therapy and for you to leave him alone get your friends to block all relations from him. So yeah