Someone please help?

I recently ended a on and odd relationship that was going on for a couple months. It didn't feel right anymore. My mom no longer liked him and neither did my older brother so when he came over it just felt different and wrong and awkward and I could tell his mom no longer thought i was the best for him either. Everything just changed. We both decided it was better to be friends and within the next weekend, he was posting with his new girl all over Snapchat. Forgot to mention his is a major fboy, he's just lowkey ab it. I don't know why but seeing those snaps hurt me so much you have no idea. I miss him... a lot. We're still friends and still talk here and there. It just hurts me knowing he isn't mine anymore. I don't wanna be with him due to everything changing and how my mom and brother don't like him and how it feels wrong and such. I don't want him with another girl either though. I finally decided I'm not over him and miss him but I will get through it and I definitely won't go back to him. Can someone just reassure me though that everything is going to be ok? I need to hear it from someone else rather than just myself. Thanks for the help always, I really appreciate it and appreciate the people that care about me and are always there for me... much loveđź’•


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  • sounds like a cunt. forget and move on


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  • I'm sorry you are going through this, I understand though. It's like, it's not working out and you know it, but still, you think of them as yours. It will get better with time, I know that's so annoying to hear, but it's true. Just keep reminding yourself that it wasn't working and try not to look at his social media, that's the worst. Hope it gets better:)