Lol what do you guys think?

So my boyfriend recently asked for a bremak amd it's been 2 weeks of this cold shoulder short texting type of thing and I'm tired of it he does not want to break up according to him so since his action show that he doesn't want to be with me either I have decided to disactivated all my social media I'm not going to call him or text him I will go in a cave mood like if I never existed... I wonder what this will do what do you guys think?


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  • "Break" is what a pussy says for breakup. It makes you think he'll want you again at some point in the future which never happens. It also leaves the door open so he can use you when he can't find someone else. This is over permanently and completely and you will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. Get over it and move on


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  • Put your foot down and tell him goodbye first. Trust me, least you 'll leave with dignity. And if he tries to come back grow a back bone and make him work for it. Tell him you won't put up with petty behavior.