He leaves, he comes back, then he leaves again, and come back again.

OK, so I have met this guy for over a year and a half, and we had a lot of chemistry going on, we are from different cultures, which I think is nice. The bottom line is, he has a gf, and he went to live with her after 5 months we met. Sometimes he talks to me for a couple months and have sexy... Show More

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  • something similar happened to me. he finally came back for me, said he never forgot me and we were in a relationship that lasted only 2 months. after that I got extremely hurt, I cried everynight for about 2 months. I hope the same thing doesn't happen to you. a guy who has a girlfriend and still keeps in touch with you, is a baaaad guy, someday you'll be in the position of the girlfriend and you ll be cheated on. and then its just gonna hurt like hell.

    deep down I think you know he's a bad guy. you might be in love, but for everything you'll probably go through your pain is not worth the love you may feel...