He leaves, he comes back, then he leaves again, and come back again.

OK, so I have met this guy for over a year and a half, and we had a lot of chemistry going on, we are from different cultures, which I think is nice. The bottom line is, he has a gf, and he went to live with her after 5 months we met. Sometimes he talks to me for a couple months and have sexy talking and sending pictures and stuff, but then out of nowhere he stop talking me, months later he comes back and say sorry, and hi misses me, even tho he knows this is incorrect cause he has a gf. Then months after he is gone again, and then he returns again saying he accepted me finally like a part of his life. I don't know guys, I'm so confused. What do you guys think!?


Most Helpful Girl

  • something similar happened to me. he finally came back for me, said he never forgot me and we were in a relationship that lasted only 2 months. after that I got extremely hurt, I cried everynight for about 2 months. I hope the same thing doesn't happen to you. a guy who has a girlfriend and still keeps in touch with you, is a baaaad guy, someday you'll be in the position of the girlfriend and you ll be cheated on. and then its just gonna hurt like hell.

    deep down I think you know he's a bad guy. you might be in love, but for everything you'll probably go through your pain is not worth the love you may feel...