How do I get her to meet in person?

Ex girlfriend clearly still has feelings but is trying to avoid me. In the past she could never stay mad in person and wed always make up. Being apart is what is keeping us apart. I feel like all she needs is a little push, just to see me in person so she can't block out her feelings. But how do i get her to meet when just straight up asking won't work?


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  • Have you tried the straight up asking route?

    • Lol yes she's very hesitant about it and won't give me a straight answer. I think that she knows if we hang out wel end up getting back together but her head is telling her she doesn't know if she wants that to happen so she's avoiding me. Thats just what im guessing cuz she has said before that when she sees me she can never stay mad and she forgets about everything and knows wel be fine. I don't know

What Guys Said 2

  • You should help her get over you by letting her be. I don't see the point of going through the make up break up and then break up again cycles. Obviously this has happen more than once I don't see how getting back together for the umpteenth time will do wonders this time around.

    • No i dont mean wed make up after every break up. We dont just keep breaking up lol i mean if we get in a fight or something then we always made up as soon as we saw each other.

    • Ah ok I see. Seems she takes awhile to blow off steam so just give her time. I think she kinda likes that attention of you chasing after her too. But I would just chill and wait.

    • Yea you're probly right

  • Move on