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Why isn't he texting back?

I asked this guy I just met for his number over Facebook because I was going away camping and it would be easier to text. We texted back and forth a... Show More

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  • If I were you, I wouldn't text him again, would wait until Friday and then talk to him, be cool and make a joke about him not answering your texts, you'll have to be very smart to read his reaction to your joke. But don't freak out, maybe he didn't receive them or maybe he didn't answer your friend's text either and he/she didn't tell you the truth...

What Guys Said 6

  • If you're seeing him on friday, I don't see how the text could be so important. Find a way to ask the question in another way. But the date or get together should be more important.

  • talk to him about it so he doesn't get all freaked out again.

  • you broke a promise sort of. you said to communicate via text and even though you responded, it was late and your phone was off. he got jealous and took it as you blowing him off so he moved on rather than put up with that. now, he's giving you the cold shoulder to get even. you can either apologize to him in person but, this time don't do it again and try to come up with a reasonable way or schedule to talk so it doesn't happen again.

    • That's rediculous! So if a girl doesn't respond RIGHT AWAY you automatically get JEALOUS?! Ummm okay ever consider all the possible reasons for why she didn't text back? and NO ONE should have to apoligize and be all like "I will never let it happen again" for answering a bit later.

    • You might know that but, he doesn't looking at the ages here.

  • Well I think it's too soon to worry that he didn't text you back does not really he is not interested so just take your time and worry less. Hope it helps

  • It really seems as though it was a harmless distraction. Text messages get lost and don't send all the time. It's nothing to be particularly concerned about. There isn't really any need to send him another message, but I don't see the harm in doing so if you are inclined.

    Move on past this tiny circumstance, and just enjoy your day with him on Friday!

What Girls Said 2

  • i honestly think its because you apologized, just don't text him back at all and he will really miss you and he'll text you again! even when he does, take it easy, don't get too deep! and NOOOOOO do nottt talk about it, if he brings it up tell him,huh? no don't worry about it, its not a big deal at all. show him you don't really care that much and he;'ll be into you a lot more. that's just how men are, for some reason when you apologize for something you didn't do wrong its a BIG turn off! goodluck

  • dont worry, he probably didn't get your texts, some phone services kinda suck, that happenes to me all the time

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