Should I wish my ex girlfriend on her birthday?

she broke up with me a month ago without any solid reason as far as I think she like someone else and she blocked me ik she is talking to a guy so should I wish her or no? if yes then how should I? if no then please explain by the way we were together for 4 years


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  • No, you shouldn't. Move on because she's just going to hurt you and you don't deserve that. Anyone who leaves you without a reason just isn't worth it. Especially because you think that she likes someone else.

  • he'll no 👎

  • Don't wish her a happy birthday- send her a positive thought. Just move on.

    • and how should I move on?

    • Focus on your life- make a list of things that need your attention. Do you need more money? What about school/career? Friends and family relationships? Travel and see a different place. Be selfish and do things that benefit you and don't apologize! Read a book, go to a concert, kiss someone beautiful. Again, be selfish now and focus on you.

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