If she still interested?

Me and my ex girlfriend ended on bad terms, does ending a relationship on bad terms means there's still feelings there? Women you know


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  • It depends on how it ended exactly. Though right after the ending of a relationship , there will of course be feelings still, but some women will be able to get over an ex quick, while others are slow to get over the breakup. you didn't say how she acted or anything so its hard to tell

    • She went bat shit crazy on me, to the point where I told her to get out of my truck, I went no contact with her, 2 weeks later she texted me saying sorry and "wanted to remain in some sort of contact". She is a wreck ATM, on drugs. Think she wants back or just feeling pain?

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    • Maybe she's assuming things will work out and she's trying to give it a fresh start and be friendly? Either way , tread lightly and dont rush into anything.

    • thanks for the advice!!

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  • at first give her sometime and if you still feel like there's something go talk to her.


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  • More than likely. Me and my ex ended on bad terms twice. The first time "I went crazy" in his words and the second time too many got in the way with lies and being messy. I think about him everyday and don't plan on dating anyone else anytime soon because I'm not over him. If you're interested in working things out, make that effort because she's probably waiting

  • You have unresolved issues.


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