My Boyfriend broke up with me but he says he loves me a lot what to do?

Hi my boyfriend and i were together for a year and a month one day suddenly he says he wants to break up with me because has so much stress finishing colleg ad trying to find a job after, he never change his attitude he cried a lot and just said he needs to do this he needs to focus in himself and that is not ready for a relationship now but that he loves me so much and will always love.. after 1 week of no contact i texted him and i told him i miss him he saids he loves me and miss me.. we exchanges a few texts and to finish he said "know that i will always love you... i love you so much ❤️" i don't understand he wants to go back soon? I should wait.. we never had problems in our relationship was amazing all that year and this just tears me apart 😢


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  • read this :http://www. girlsaskguys. com/break-up-divorce/a35497-exes-they-are-ancient-history-why-even-care-or-bother


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  • Maybe he doesn't feel ready yet