I blocked my ex on social media a month ago, I think I'm in a better place now and am ready to unblock him. Should I? Or does that make me look crazy?

ITs been over a month. I just don't want to look crazy for blocking then unblocking but I'm kinda over it. I'm not going to add him back on anything. What do you think? Will it make him think I'm missing him or that I'm just over it and it doesn't bother me to see his stuff anymore?


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  • My ex did that to me and once she unblocked me, I started to see people tagging her in photos and statuses. It definitely noticeable and I wondered what game was she playing. Because honestly I wouldn't unblock anyone unless I needed them back in my life. And true enough, she talked to me not too long later.

    And what did I do? I blocked her.

    • I guess I just felt petty blocking him in the first place but it's something I needed to do. So now I just figured if I'm not as hurt I can go bed nd unblock him. But I'm just curious what he will think.

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  • He might not even look at your stuff any longer so it probably doesn't matter. he might not even realize you blocked him in the first place. I just unblocked an ex from 10 years ago and guess what... he looks at my snapstory every day now so I'm considering blocking him again because he is seeing way too much of my personal stuff and I don't want him to know anything about me. i honestly thought he'd forgotten me by now and that's the only reason I unblocked him. So it depends on what you want. If you want him seeing your stuff then unblock him. Might mean your not over it and ready to move on totally so think about that too.

    • I just don't want him to think it means I'm not over him. I for sure want to give him the impression that I'm moved on. But I also just don't want to seem childish by continuing blocking him

    • Blocking isn't childish.


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  • You do whatever you feel good about and don't worry what he thinks.

  • I just went through this. I had him blocked for 3 months. He still ended up messaging me, then blocking me lol. When you unblock someone, your not friends anymore either so it's not like he will be able tell you unblocked him unless he is specifically searching for your profile. I think he will be curious as to what you have been up to, unless he's moved on. If he adds you, and you don't care about seeing his posts then it doesn't matter if you accept him or not.