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Why is my ex boyfriend being so rude to me?

this been going on for a year now. me and my ex boyfriend was together for two year. my ex boyfriend left me for someone else. but was lying to me... Show More

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  • he doesn't like you. let it go

    • I don't know why he wouldn`t like me. I was always nice to him

    • It's most likely not you. its him. some people just don't like other people, no matter how nice they are. also, he left you for someone else which doesn't show you a lot of respect.

      any person who plays head games isn't worth your time.

      it would be best just to let him go.

    • Yea I took your word on that one. I deleted him from MySpace. he left our picture up on us even tho he hasn`t been on there in awhile. it`s not nice to toy with someone heart.

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