What do girls get attracted to in a why?

Let me know if you want I'm curious I am
Sensitive I have a caring heart
Extremely loyal
Extremely respectful and kind
I do care about the girl or person enough ( to put them first before me ) because I ain't a selfish dick

Are my traits good? I get told that a guy like me is extremely rare


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  • those traits you have. but sometimes there are just some people who takes these kind of people for granted. which is i don't know why the hell do they do that too.

  • great traits!! I love them honestly. only if my ex had them! lol I'm like that a lot as well. I'd respect you only if you'd respect me in return if not then it'd be ur lose not mine. I am always taken advantage of so now I have to tell people no. I'm also independent so it really doesn't help much at all. I deal with it every day too. so sometimes it's really hard.😥