Why is my ex girlfriend not talking to me?

she broke up with me 3 months ago. We work together and she is not talking to me. Do you think she is mad at me or is she still sad from the break up?


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  • tbh it is your EX for reason she is not entitled to tak to you as if you are in relationship but perhps talk it out so you know where you stanf

    • I want to talk it out but she is not talking to me. It wasn't a bad break up.

    • then try to approach her or even message he in the nicest way possible to not get on her bad side and make it clear that you want to talk it out

    • It looked like she looked in my direction at work today and she waved to me when she was leaving.

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  • why it's bothering you? it's your ex. let her go. and you want her back than break all the contact with her. she will come back !


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  • Ask yourself that question

    • I really don't know. maybe she is sad about the break up even though she broke up with me. I did make mistakes but they were not bad. The break up was not bad at all. I thought we were on good terms.

  • its an girl...

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    • Brag about what?

    • I don't get by what you mean by she gotta brag.

  • she is your EX! Who cares? she moved on.. you should too.

    • I'm not ready to move on. People say that I should date other girls but I don't want to do that.