This girl had sex with me and she had a boyfriend and never told me. Are these the girls nowadays? Have gender roles reveresed? y?

What the hell? She said she just wanted to have sex with me but couldn't do anything more with me because she had a boyfriend. she literally told me this after having sex with me!

Have the roles reversed?

  • Most women are like that nowadays.
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  • she's a rare case
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  • Lmao wait... she couldn't do anything more with you because she had a BF? Wtf 😂😂 what more is there to do besides marriage? If it was a kiss and then she said that, that's one thing but she fucked up beyond repair.

    Sadly... I don't want to say she's a rare case but I don't want to say women do it ALL the time but it is more common now that women are doing it than in the past.

  • I say it's both sides tbh..


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