Why do people get mad at you one day and then the next day talk to you like nothing happened?

I am just curious, because I have noticed this with certain people in my life or at least it seems to be that way.

An ex of mine gets mad at me one day and just does not say anything nice when I am trying to cheer her up, even ask her to go for a walk to cool off and make her feel better, she tells me no and to stop bothering her. Then the very next day, "Hey, how are you?" kinda thing, and "would you like to go a coffee or something?". I was just shocked and confused at why she is reacting like this.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Because that's just how some people tick. Some people have a temper, and just need to walk away and they're over it the next day. I'm the same way. I'm just over it the next day and fine. Sometimes just getting away from whatever it was that was irritating me is what does it. There's no magical reason or something to read into, it's just how some people are. Just like how there are people who get insanely butthurt and then hold a grudge forever about it.

    • Btw, if someone's p*ssed and wants to be left alone, leave them alone. It's that simple. Suggesting things just tends to p*ss some people off more, when the remedy is just leave them alone and let them cool off on their own, which is what she wanted. I've had people do the same thing with me, and it ends up annoying me anymore. While the effort is appreciated, sometimes just being left alone does it.

    • *more, not anymore.