Why do people get mad at you one day and then the next day talk to you like nothing happened?

I am just curious, because I have noticed this with certain people in my life or at least it seems to be that way.

An ex of mine gets mad at me one day and just does not say anything nice when I am trying to cheer her up, even ask her to go for a walk to cool off and make her feel better, she tells me no and to stop bothering her. Then the very next day, "Hey, how are you?" kinda thing, and "would you like to go a coffee or something?". I was just shocked and confused at why she is reacting like this.


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  • Because that's just how some people tick. Some people have a temper, and just need to walk away and they're over it the next day. I'm the same way. I'm just over it the next day and fine. Sometimes just getting away from whatever it was that was irritating me is what does it. There's no magical reason or something to read into, it's just how some people are. Just like how there are people who get insanely butthurt and then hold a grudge forever about it.

    • Btw, if someone's p*ssed and wants to be left alone, leave them alone. It's that simple. Suggesting things just tends to p*ss some people off more, when the remedy is just leave them alone and let them cool off on their own, which is what she wanted. I've had people do the same thing with me, and it ends up annoying me anymore. While the effort is appreciated, sometimes just being left alone does it.

    • *more, not anymore.

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  • I know what you are talking about, and I have found the best way to deal with it is to stay away from them while they are in these moods. Often, if they are having a bad day they would rather not discuss it andp trying to cheer them up p*sses them off. My sister is8 like this and often she will take it out on me and the next day she is fine.

    • This is to a 22 year old, which I thought they wouldn't be like this.

    • Age has nothing to do with this. It's a personality thing.

  • Its a copeing mechanism. or its a I'm over it lets move on.oorrr its saying I'm trying to get over ity so lets just pretend nothing happened so its easier to move on... for me I like to use the last one

  • I act like that too. Sometimes you just get angry in the moment, but cool down later and realize its just a trivial thing that was blown out of proportion. It can be easier to ignore it and pretend like it didn't happen if it wasn't anything important.

  • honestly icould act just like that. I try to not let things bother me. but when they do it really works me up. I usually get over things that arnt that much of a big deal in alittle less then an hour. some people are just like that. best thing to do? ask if they are okay. then give them space so they can calm down

  • because she got over whatever it was she was mad about


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  • the only real way to find out is to ask her why she was upset the day before, that way if it was something you did, you can make sure you don't do it again.

  • Honestly, because I don't have the energy to keep up the "I'm still mad at you" act. Especially at someplace like work, if I need to get something done, I'll just act like nothing happened, which isn't an act and its much easier to deal with people that way.

  • ok this is the answer: ALL GIRLS ARE BI-POLAR

    im serious...at some point in their life or another they(girls) are BI POLAR...they have no idea what they want and they will tend to blame you for a lot of their problems, especially an ex.

    I am in the same position all the time with my ex...i basically just sit back and let her vent and try to help her become less stressed, but sometimes we, as guys, have to understand to just sometimes not say anything and let them do it on their own. I know, I know you aren't trying to annoy her, but sometimes its just timing...it all depends on when you catch her, hell mayb if you waited 5 min she wouldn't have exploded on you, it really all comes down to timing...and the fact that girls are bi polar lol..i haven't met one in my life that isn't

    • Learn the definition of bipolar. :) I'd say that, "moody" is the more proper term. :p And if you guys had the same hormone bs we had to deal with, then you'd be cranky sometimes, too.

      Also, it's ignorant of you to pin ALL when it's only some girls. Not all are like this. Most are allowed to have their moments due to all the hormonal bs we gotta put up with, but to say all girls pin their problems on guys and have no idea what they want and such is your biased opinion. PIck your girls better.