How do I move on from a broken heart?

My boyfriend and I broke up... And I really just need to move on. He dumped me months ago, and I just want to forget :( help?

Thanks everyone :(


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  • When my boyfriend and I broke up, I did not take it well. I could not eat. I had trouble falling asleep. Everything reminded me of him. My bed, my clothes, my tooth brush, cooking food, coffee, going to work, going out with my friends, picking up my daughter. Literally everything. What helped me was I literally had to change everything about the way I went through my day. Instead of a long shower in the evening where I used to think about him, I took a short one in the morning while I was still semi conscious. Instead of cooking at home like we would together, I did take out. I got some new clothes that I didn't have memories of him taking off me. And I stayed up later in the evening so that when my head hit the pillow I would not lay there thinking about him. And I started doing things with my friends that he had never wanted to do with me. Eventually The feelings faded and I could go back to my old way of life. But for a bit there it was hard. hang in there. No one ever died of a broken heart. You will start feeling like yourself again.


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  • The only way to truly move on is to experience the full grief of what has happened. You need to let the emotions run their course. Even if that means feeling profound grief or sadness, or going through three boxes of Kleenex. Trying to repress or contain your feelings is a profoundly bad idea. You'll f*** over your whole life that way. And don't ever try and forget. Deal with the trauma or it will contaminate your mental health forever.

  • I'm sorry about your break up! It's never easy.

    I would try to busy yourself with some hobbies or surrounding yourself with your friends. When you're busy it will help keep your mind off of him. It will take time to get over him and if you cut off all contact with him, it def. makes it easier.

    • Try and busy herself? No no no! Awful advice.

    • I agree with homeboy AND cjwright79- she should feel all of the emotions and grief of bereaving a relationship but there WILL come a point when you need to start to rebuild who YOU are as an individual person; if you've been in a relationship for a while readjusting to single life can be difficult- and doing the things you do with your friends or on your own CAN help you. Homeboy isn't saying she should forget him or ignore the grief, but dwelling in your grief completely won't help either.

  • Acceptance and experiencing it in it's full reality is highly important. Writing your heart out on paper has helped me in the various heartbreaks I've had. Knowing that life goes on and that there is somebody out there for you can help your heart and mind to move forward. It's all about moving forward but appreciating the past.


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  • Time will heal a broken heart, you have to be strong in this situation try to lose contact with him till you are completely over him ,talking to him will only bring memories back and it will be harder for you to get over him. try seeing or dating different people (:

    hope I helped

  • In the same situation. You feel like you shouldn't care anymore, he's moved on, you want to, you don't feel you can. Have you accepted it? Because that is the biggest and hardest hurdle. If you have one really close girlfriend, you need her lots right now. If you're keeping it in, don't. Just think, if it was meant to work, it would have. Don't be annoyed at yourself for caring, it's only natural. You will meet someone new. Focus on yourself right now, you don't need him or any man. This can only make you stronger, it hurts A LOT but you'll learn from it.

  • Realize if he didn't want to be with you, it wasn't going to work. You deserve someone who appreciates you as much as you appreciate them.

    • You can find comfort at times in knowing that you won't have to put yourself through the stress of being with someone that obviously didn't appreciate the wonderful person that you are...just surround yourself with friends and loved ones and people who really appreciate everything that makes up you...remember you fine before you met this guy and you will be fine after...a great friend once told me 'living well is the best revenge" so continue to live on...and stay strong ;)