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My boyfriend is always thinking I'm cheating! what do I do?

okay well my boyfriend of 5 months now seems to be thinking every time I don't respond to a text within 3 min that I'm cheating on him! I've NEVER... Show More

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  • Insecurity, he cheated, heard something about you, ex cheated on him. You need to be able to walk away if he doesn't get past it. It will get bad if you don't get it handled. Also he seems like your life should revolve around him. If he doesn't believe you, you need to roll.

What Guys Said 5

  • its called insecurity and my guess is his ex cheated on him in the past . its not your fault if you have not cheated on him or done anything to indicated you actually will

  • You should cheat on him. Out of spite.

  • dump him...simple

  • Tell him to get a grip. You can't answer to his whims every second of the day, can you? He sure sounds like really insecure. Is he very possessive? If so I think you should re-evaluate your relationship and see where its actually going.

    • Okay thanks :) that's really good I never thought of that :)

What Girls Said 1

  • well either yu can stay with him or yu can ditch him but think first wh would he think this ..most timesz boys say thise to their girlfriends because they are the ones that are cheating or have and think that you are to ...let him know staright up that if he is alwaysz going to think your chetaing then yu 2 maybe are not right 4 each other but just 2 let yu knwo most times when a boy says /does tis that's ebcause he is looking for a fight with his girlfriend so he can breka up with her or that she can break up with him the chocie is ursz what do yu want 2 do?

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