My ex dumped me and will not speak to me.

Almost 3 weeks ago after 2 years of a relationship my ex broke up with me. we got into a heated argument and fueled by months of frustration I ended up striking him twice on the chest. needless to say he broke up with me instantly, called me every name on the book and left. since then I have texted him and called him apologizing and asking for a second chance. he ended up blocking my number and refuses to meet up with me to at least say goodbye in a civilized way. I know what I did was beyond wrong and I have definitely learned my lesson to never do that to anyone again. I know I was very disrespectful but he was disrespectful towards me once and I forgave him. how come he is being unfair and not forgiving me? sometimes I wonder if he just wants me to go after him, but the fact that he blocked me and won't respond to any email tells me that just wishful thinking. I don't know what to do because I still love him and I don't want to lose him. how do I let him know I am sorry and that I wiant a second chance? or should I just give up and try to move on?


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  • I think you just need to leave it and just try and move on. He knows your sorry and that you want a second chance so you just have to leave it now and he may come around in his own time but the more you try and force him too forgive you the more annoyed he's going to be at you and your just going to push him away more and make him think he made the right decision. I know it's tough as you really do regret what you did but unfortunately you did do it so you just have to accept the consequences now and if you do truly care abut him and love him then you'll let him have some peace as he'll only see you constantly trying to get in touch as harassment or stalking. You can't make him talk to you or forgive you if he doesn't want to, you've just got to take it as a lesson learnt and make sure to never let anything like that happen with any other guys.

    Speaking from experience, I didn't hit my ex but I did lie to him and he was obviously angry and didn't want to talk and I reacted the same way you did and went crazy calling, texting and emailing trying to explain and tell him I loved him and was sorry and he just got angrier and more stressed, so then I gave up on him and focused on myself and left him alone, six months later we're best friends after he calmed down and got back in touch a couple of months later saying he was sorry for how he reacted.

    • It kills me since I miss him like crazy. I don't understand why he is being so harsh. in june I briefly broke up with him because he was messing up too much and he begged and begged to get me back. and now that I mess up in september he just completely blocks me off from everything and refuses to meet up. how can 3 months make a person stop loving another so easily? I'm trying so hard to leave him alone, but I miss him, his family everything. its so hard to let go.

    • Yeah I know it's hard now but trust me it gets easier you just have to focus on something else, and it's a lot more hurtful to constantly be rejected and forcefully pushed away. It's not as simple I forgave you and took you back so you should do the same for me. If he doesn't want to or can't then there's nothing you can do about that. He won't be taking it all that easy I bet, that's probably why he's blocked you as its upsetting for him too.

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  • Fsrtly, you must wait for passing time from over events Because He is angry at you now, never forget that if He loves you deeply You will make peace but You must apologize

    I am sory that my english poor, I hope that understand me...

    You are only patient...

  • Just leave him alone. Trust me. Act like you don't care. Start the no contact period. He will contact you and wonder why he isn't being chased. Trust me. DO NOT SHOW ANY FEELINGS and chasing will make him RUN FARTHER.

  • Ok so, I understand why you did what you dead. It happens. He doesn't wanna talk to you he doesn't wanna forgive you. I know this suck. But you have to move forward. There is no getting him back.

    • So there is no hope that maybe he might forgive me with time?

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  • move on...he was ready and looking for an excuse to block you out. Its easier if he can blame you for it instead of saying that you just weren't working out together. Its the easy way out and he took it.

  • I think he might be scared of you. Perhaps he didn't like you hitting him. I think you might have to give him some space. The fact that he's blocked you means he's gone NO CONTACT and there's nothing you can do now to change it. Let it go for now maybe a a later stage things might change

  • I would stop emailing, texting and calling for a while. Just give him some space and some time to miss you.

    • Yeah I tried to do that...but the thought that he doesn't seem to miss me at all since he blocked me and keeps ignoring me is killing me. I don't know how he could have stopped caring for me so quickly.

    • The more you text and email and call will push him further away. Go out, have fun, make new friends, let loose, go to gym, get in shape, change your hair. My ex broke up with me in Feb, and I did all those things, I had a new vibe to me and now he's texting me again :-)

  • It certainly sucks. I am in a similar boat. What happened? Did you continue getting in touch with him via other methods and so he never got the change to miss you, saw you as desperate and low value? This is what I did and what happened to me after a misunderstanding with my ex meant he thought I was ending it and I thought he was, he then blocked me. I've given up now but after the way I tried to save it - there is no going back as I looked insecure. What's happened to you?