Why are most guys so obsessed with their ex girlfriend?

I can't even tell you how many times my friends or I have gotten involved with a guy, just to find out later that he isn't over is ex. Even if he dumped her, and even if it was a LONG time ago, there is still some weird residual feelings that cause problems in future relationships.

Personally, its happened to me in the past year maybe 5 or 6 times. Same with all of the other girls I know.

So basically, guys, why the eff do you get involved with/pursue other girls when you are still emotionally unavailable to do so?

How to I prevent this from happening in the future? I can't handle another heartbreak like this.


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  • Why live in the past when the future is is the only thing that matters? I personally hate my ex girlfriend, there aren't that many people that I actually hate, but her I hate her and I never think about her, the only time I said anything about her to my current girlfriend is when she asked me about her, but other than that nope.


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  • Sounds like you just have sh*tty luck.

  • Just... because. It's hard to explain.


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  • Ugh I know the feeling. It's way worse too when the guy was the one that was dumped because they care so much about their precious egos and they harp on that for years. I feel like guys don't care if they are emotionally unavailable or not when they start dating again because dating other girls is how they think they'll eventually get over their exes. They don't seem to care about the residual feelings hurting their next girlfriend. Also, even if HE did the dumping, it's usually the case that guys will try to get back together with their exes and the ex girlfriends will reject them leading to a huge obsession about "why didn't she take me back...I dumped her and now she doesn't want me?!" Ya guys are...well guys lol don't worry I feel ya. Disclaimer - I'm not saying this is ALL guys... Just the ones I've seen that are still hung up on their ex girlfriends lol (even though they never openly admit to it).