How long does it take for an ex to come back or know if he’s taken?

If I haven’t heard from my ex boyfriend in 1.5 months, does that mean that he’s dating someone else? When we broke up he said he couldn’t handle a girlfriend at this point in his life since he was starting a new job. Also, how long does it typically take a guy to go back to his ex if he wants to... Show More

Ok, so assuming he truly cared about me and got his stuff together, how long has it taken you guys to realize you want your exs back? Yes I know I need to move on and in many ways I have with my life. I'm working on improving myself first.
My other question: what triggers make you want your ex back?

Most Helpful Guy

  • It doesn't matter when he realizes anything, the only thing important here is you. So start living and hoping for better for you. You wanna know when he is gonna realize that your are great? My question is, when are you? When will you see that you deserve better? What are you gonna do to get over this break up and move on? Stop worrying about him! YOU, YOU, YOU is what this is all about now. Be selfish, he is.