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Why is it so easy for him to move on?

Me and my ex were together for about 9 months, then he left me for someone else. When we were together, he said he loved me, he wanted to marry me,... Show More

Thanks guys, all of you are telling the truth, I must just forget him and what he has done to me and move on...

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  • Write a pros and cons list of just him and then of the relationship. look at it quitely for a while (NO MUSIC ect...). Ask yourself do you derseve to be treated like that... by the way The answer is NEVER by ANYONE ! Feel your gut and intuitive thoughts. That's God talking! Make a decision.

    For me I would have a very hard time trusting my ex if she did this to me... Always remember kiddo absolutly Nothing happen's by mistake! Your never alone and nothing is wrong with you. You were there for the both of you, He was not...

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  • He hasn't had time to deal with his feelings. He jumped right into being with another person so any feelings of hurt are negated by the new person's affection. He also had the option to choose who he was with and the person that breaks up usually doesn't receive has much pain.

  • he was just passing his time with you when he saw no charm in you he starting to date with someone else look we have to forget our past and move on in our lives go and explore the world find someone who you deserve enjoy your life sis

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