Cheating on your girlfriend?

Is it possible for a guy to cheat on his girlfriend several times and then get back with her and be faithful? Or is a cheater always a cheater, especially if its on the same girl? Is there something missing in that particular girl that makes a guy cheat on her, like she's not enough and he needs more and its permanently like that? Or can he be with her again and suddenly be faithful?


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  • I think so yes. I think things can change.

    I view cheating though, not so much the fault of the cheater, but more the fault of the person being cheated on. Why would they cheat on you in the first place?

    I've never cheated by the way, but I've been with a girl that plain outright cheated on her boyfriend. And I feel bad, but he treated her like crap. Gave her a good reason to do so, If he would just listen to her, she'd have no reason to get closer to me, because I simply would listen to the problems she had in her life. He wouldn't do that. So who's fault is it ultimately?

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      That is a very specific situation. Cheating comes in all shapes and colors. Some women cheat on their husbands because they only want him for the security he provides. Meanwhile.. they get off doing dirty wrong things with other people behind their backs because its a huge turn on. THe danger.. the fear of getting caught.. the thrill... It's an intoxicating chemical cocktail that's hard to resist once you've got it pumping through your blood.

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      It is still the cheaters fault. If I was in a relationship with a jerk, I would talk ro him first about his behavior and if it doesn't work, I would dump him and cheating would not be necessary.

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      I don't think wrong-doing can be made right with this kind of explanation, especially with this kind of scenerio where devil got sent to be with devil. We should try to help giving a moral suggestion under the assumption that there is one good heart in the story that needs to be healed.