Why does he think I'm cheating?

I've been with my boyfriend for over a year. We have had some problems in the past but we never cheated. I know that I started his distrust with stupid mistakes like telling him that my ex texted me, I told him what we talked about. But I wanted exes in the past so I deleted the messages. My boyfriend of course thought I was hiding something. After about a year of dating, we were doing fine but still had struggles with trust. I started to feel like I had to call him to tell him where I and what I'm doing at all times in order to give him a sense of trust. one day I accidentally called a random number but I didn't feel like having to explain what number it was ... he tended to ask about the unknown numbers in my phone..i just deleted the number..then I wanted to see if I could delete it from my log but accidentally deleted the whole thing. The next night he saw that I deleted all of it..and we had an argument. I ended up telling him how I felt and it was hard to get through. The last 3 months have been really hard especially after that.. I know I am at fault for some of these things..but many small things that I have been blaimed for..like not picking up my phone.. have become big deals.

Today he broke up with me because he believes that I have been cheating on him. It started by a phone call after my class, where I wanted to hang up quickly so that I could get to my bus. At the end of our conversation one of my classmates (a guy I've mentioned to my boyfriend before) came up to me to give me some notes that I missed, and I told my boyfriend what was happening so id call him back. Later on, I missed a call from my boyfriend because my phone was on silent. I luckily took my phone out a minute later and saw the missed call, and called back. My boyfriend wouldn’t believe that I just had the feeling I needed to check the cellphone, and started making assumptions like I was chatting with someone instead and didn’t wanna pick up. And was mad that I had the number of the guy in my class, as if I didn’t use it only once specifically to get missed class notes

Later on he accused me of cheating with a guy that asked for my number a few weeks ago (I told him about the story yesterday: a I explained that he was a friend of a friends and I felt awkward to bring a rejection in front of many people and just brought up the fact that I had a boyfriend in conversation) he then started accusing me of anything he could think of. saying I was going out at night when I told him I'm sleeping early & that I probably wasn’t with the friends I said I was.

It got to the point that he kept accusing so I told him to go to hell and hung up. I was so mad at the assumptions he's been making after we’ve been trying so hard to get past our trust issues. But I love him so much and would never even consider another man. He says he doesn’t wanna talk to me anymore because he “knows” I'm lying to him. Is there anything I can do or should do?


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  • I would assume the same thing and I think you are ;)


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  • Maybe he's cheating on you.


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  • Projection. He may be cheating on you or have cheated on you in the past so now he's worried.