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Best way to dump a long term girlfriend?

We have been dating about 17 months. She definitely loves me more than I love her, its always been that way. (I am not a jerk, at one point I really... Show More

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  • SAY: I need to let you go... There is nothing at all that is your fault or anything you did wrong at all... You are a wonderful girl and I will always remeber our time we shared and I thankyou for improving my life... However I need to move on for myself , I wish I knew or had an answer for why I feel the way I do... But you desreve better and someone who loves you the way you need to be and deserve to be... I am so sorry for this, I have been fighting for a little while now and I just can't force this anymore, Godbless and good luck with your life ... Please don't be mad It is just not fate... Bye !

    • i totally agree with him.

    • Best answer ^1You don't need to say all that, but pick a few of em. Don't wait, tell her asap.

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  • Work through it if you can. If you can't work through it before marriage, how will you work through it when you are married? Anyways, if you end up breaking up with her, do her the decency to break up with her in person. She deserves that. However, since you're away, do it over the phone. My ex broke up with me over facebook chat last year. It was 1am, and I was alone. Not cool...

  • I feel the same way about my boyfriend right now! We've been together for almost a year now and he is totally and love with me and I care about him so I don't want to break his heart so I just can't bring myself to do it.. But I know if a guy felt that way about me then I would definitely want him to break it off.. I wouldn't want to b with someone who doesn't actually want to b with me.. But I guess I would deserve it.. because that's what I'm doing to my bf.. But I don't know how to do it either! I just know it needs done!

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  • I have this feeling you got spoiled by being loved :) You will date 1-2 girls which won't care as much about you as you do for them and you will realize what a huge mistake you made by letting this one go. Mark my words ;)

  • Tell her you're gay.

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