Best way to dump a long term girlfriend?

We have been dating about 17 months. She definitely loves me more than I love her, its always been that way. (I am not a jerk, at one point I really did have strong feelings for her. There is always just one person that likes the other more in a relationship.) I'm studying abroad right now, and have been away for 2 months, and will be gone another 2. I just get annoyed at her whenever we talk, and just a lot of things she does bugs me now. I guess its probably not very fair to keep dating her when I am not really feeling it, right?

How does one go about doing this the nice way? I don't hate her, I still care about her, just don't want to date her very much. Should I wait till I get back and do it in person? Should I give her a heads up? Then she would feel like she should change for me, but again I don't think its ever fair to ask someone to change for you...

I just really don't want to be with this girl for the rest of my life.


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  • SAY: I need to let you go... There is nothing at all that is your fault or anything you did wrong at all... You are a wonderful girl and I will always remeber our time we shared and I thankyou for improving my life... However I need to move on for myself , I wish I knew or had an answer for why I feel the way I do... But you desreve better and someone who loves you the way you need to be and deserve to be... I am so sorry for this, I have been fighting for a little while now and I just can't force this anymore, Godbless and good luck with your life ... Please don't be mad It is just not fate... Bye !

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      i totally agree with him.

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      You don't need to say all that, but pick a few of em. Don't wait, tell her asap.