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My ex (A) says not to talk or hang out with my ex(C) wich is her ex friend?

My ex(C) hurt me last year but I'm over it now...my recent ex (A) (her ex friend) says to not talk to her ever again or even see her or shed never... Show More

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  • My god. Grow some b*lls. You're allegedly a man - do whatever you want. If she doesn't like it, that's her problem.

    • im sensative to otyhers feelings so y dnt f*** off so I can getsome real answers and not some bitch

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    • I'm with John

    • Ex (A) we broke up because we could hardly c each other we very much still like each other

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  • Do as you want. Ex's are old news, they were once your first priority. Now they should be your last.

  • hey...they are your ex...let them not dictate your life anymore... if they hav a problem with something then they can go to hell... just show this attitude.

    • i dnt want to lose either of em

    • well you need to deal with people like they shud be dealt with even if they are dear to u. and neway no one is asking to be rude to them. just tell thme how things r..

What Guys Said 3

  • you tell (A) to get over (B) and tell (C) to go (F) herself. k...u c...

  • You're not bound to em... It's like a postman telling you to not get a tattoo.

    Either refuse to get rid of the other... kick away one... or get rid of em both.

    Be a man, dude.

    • that made no sense to me at all lol

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    • Dude, seriously.. you're not even trying to get a solution, you just want it both ways. Make a freaking decision... Get rid of C or get rid of A.

    • I'm more for deciding who you see yourself.. but most likely it's gonna be: If you keep seeing C, A gets mad, you end up without A. So who's worth more, the ex from long ago, or the girl who (dont ask me why) still has some feelings for you and according to you you didn't ruin that bond just yet.

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