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Ex still angry at me. GUYS - why is he doing this?

My ex boyfriend accused me of a lot of terrible things after we broke out of anger, even though I had clearly done nothing wrong. He broke up with ME... Show More

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  • He is doing this well because he's still mad at whatever he says you did. I won't say you did something because obviously I don't know. But maybe for whatever reason he doesn't think you understand yet, so he's doing everything he possibly can to annoy/get your attention.

    I will say that him driving by you 7 times, is him waiting for your answer to say I get it your still mad or whatever (something along those lines), maybe you think you did nothing, but as I said before, I obviously don't know.

    Him driving by your house is stretching it, and sounds very stalkish, which is overboard to try to get you to admit to something.

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