He cheated on me and I'm pregnant, should I stay?

Long story short, me and him were together for 2 years and very serious, I found out I was pregnant and we decided to keep it. when I was 7 months pregnant I found out he was cheating. (I texted the girl pretending to be him and turned out they had seen each other that night, they did not have sex... Show More

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  • I don't think you need to try to do anything for him. I understand it's complicated because you now have a baby on the way, but there is absolutely no excuse for his cheating though regardless of how stressed out he may be or how much he wants to have one last hoorah; I'm sure YOU are equally as stressed, and you are being faithful. You have tried to make contact with him, and he is completely ignoring you and possibly still seeing the other girl. My advice: I don't know how far along you are in your pregnancy right now, but do not chase after him. You need to take care of yourself, and that's what he SHOULD be concerned with also. When the baby comes, he may straighten out and realize that he wants to be with you - what you do then is entirely up to you. If it was me, I wouldn't be quick to take him back. What kind of a.ss cheats on his pregnant girlfriend? I'd get a paternity test and get all the child support I possibly could from him.