Why did my Girlfriend break up with me why is she doing this?..

My Girlfriend recently got out of a 2 years relationship with her ex.and she said she loved him I've known her for about 2 years and been going out... Show More

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  • sometimes women will jump to another guy right after a breakup. we all know this as the rebound.

    not only does she feel a new sence of loneliness after being used to being with somebody, but she still has all these emotions running through her that she she wants/needs to attach to somebody. and that somebody just so happend to be you.

    as far as her needing space that is also perfectly natural. she may have dome to a point to where she finally realized on the emotional level that you are not him. its not that you are a bad guy or worth any less, her emotional side just realized that you were not what she was actually looking for AT THAT TIME.

    by the way this was written it sounds like you two left on good terms. once she gets over him she may come back one day and decide to continue something with you assuming you at least put a good impression on her. or a FB or a FWB who knows what benefits could surface.

    but on that same note, there are a million fish in the sea brother. you might, but I don't wait for anybody.