She just broke up with me now she wants to be friends.

i just had a bad break up only a few hours ago, if you read my last question you would know all about it.

but she wants to be my friend now.

i still love her, and I can only picture my life with her. she said that we should just be good friends because her mum dose not agree, she said that she still loves me but she would rather let her mum be happy.

i can't belive that her mum could be so selfish as to tell her to break up with me.

iv told her though a million times that she needs to start doing things for her, that she can't always be there to suport her mum, she says things like she wants to have my children and that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me, and then this happens out of the blue.

im still in shock. I want to be more upset than I am but I cant. I think I'm that heart broken that my body won't respond.

im a pretty tough bloke down deep, and I don't cry for no reason.

but last night I only did a little. I was angry, but I only cryed a little.

why is that?

is my body not responding?

i still can't beleave it, I mean I traveled over 600km yesterday just to pick up a bird for her. then when I got back her mum complains that I haven't done a thing all day and that I'm a wuss because I had food poisoining and I still managed to do the trip. I'm still in shock that this happened after everything that iv done and given.


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  • Hm, do you have any idea why her mother doesn't approve of you? Is it something you can't control? If it's something completely unreasonable then I think your girl should see that too and try to reason with her mom. Especially if she loves you as much as she says she does. If it's something you can control, then maybe you could come up with a compromise. It sounds like you care very much for her, so you'd be willing to do that, right? Other than that I don't know what to say. I guess you're in shock and the reality of the situation hasn't quite set in.


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  • First off, I'm so sorry about your heartbreak. I can relate to that. Secondly, a girl who is 100% in love with you would tell her mom to eff off. So, I think there must be another reason as to why she broke up with you. She probably used her mom as an alibi so you wouldn't be angry with her. That way, if she later decided to get back with you, there wouldn't be As hard of feelings. My suggestion is to let this girl think about the person she just let go. Let her miss you. Tell her you love her, will always be there for her, but that you need sometime to yourself. I think that she will realize the person she is leaving behind. Hope you feel better.

  • there might be some other issue about her family that her mom is so crazy putting all that stress on you for some reason. you shouldn't be hard on yourself. if it's her mom that is the whole reason why you guys broke up, your ex girlfriend doesn't sound very independent so just take time to heal. you shouldn't be too emotional or it will hurt you more than necessary. go out with friends, do somethings to make yourself happy. it's okay that you think about it but don't let it take over your life


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  • The only thing I can think of is that you need to have a heartfelt one on one with her mom, and try and see the root of this problem. Perhaps she sees how close you two are, and maybe she doesn't want to lose her to you, its a common thing.

    Talk to her mom, and if it doesn't help, talk to your ex again.

    If that doesn't work either, evaluate your situation and decide if its worth it to stay or not. You have the power to be her friend or to not be.

  • parents are always an obstacle which we as suitors must overcome.but I dun really think a girl in love will really listen to her parents that much.there's something fishy abt this whole there something else that's stopping her besides her parents?