Ex apologized to me, what should I do?

my ex just left a letter on my doorstep saying: "It’s been awhile since we’ve talked, and I can only say it’s my fault for that. You’ve been on my mind, to be honest, and it hurts to see how I left our past relationship. Not as much as it must have been hurting you though and that’s what I’m so... Show More

so I accepted his apology and he came to my house to talk about it. when he left he gave me a 20 second hig which was great! but when I went over to his house last night to borrow music, he acted completely different because he was with friends I didn't know and when he walked me to my car he almost left without giving me a hug. once I asked for one, it was such a crappy hug. like one you would give a stranger. what is up with him? and what should I do next?

P.S. I still have his cd case and
he would text me when he would be home so I could drop them off at his house.
i've finally decided to just play hard to get. I'm done playing these guessing games since he's being so confusing.

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  • Call him. Definitely phone this one first.

    • what do I say? or at least talk about?

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    • when should I do it? should I wait a day or right in the morning?

    • Those are bizarre options. Just call him when it's good for you.