Ex apologized to me, what should I do?

my ex just left a letter on my doorstep saying:

"It’s been awhile since we’ve talked, and I can only say it’s my fault for that. You’ve been on my mind, to be honest, and it hurts to see how I left our past relationship. Not as much as it must have been hurting you though and that’s what I’m so angry at myself for. I’m so sorry, Sara, for hurting you and leaving it the way I did. You deserve so much better than how I treated you, and I know I don’t deserve for you to accept an apology but I just don’t want for it to be the way it’s been between us. I acted like a child and you deserve a man, I hope that one day you may forgive me and we may work to make things right between us."

my friend says to wait a day but what do I do after that? call him. go to his house. and what do I say? I need help. please!

so I accepted his apology and he came to my house to talk about it. when he left he gave me a 20 second hig which was great! but when I went over to his house last night to borrow music, he acted completely different because he was with friends I didn't know and when he walked me to my car he almost left without giving me a hug. once I asked for one, it was such a crappy hug. like one you would give a stranger. what is up with him? and what should I do next?

P.S. I still have his cd case and
he would text me when he would be home so I could drop them off at his house.
i've finally decided to just play hard to get. I'm done playing these guessing games since he's being so confusing.


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  • Call him. Definitely phone this one first.

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      what do I say? or at least talk about?

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      when should I do it? should I wait a day or right in the morning?

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      Those are bizarre options. Just call him when it's good for you.