How do I let her know I like her

there is this one girl I c everyday and I kinda like her but I don't no if she likes me and I no if she did no shell like me but how can I let her no that I like her and wanted to no if we can chill with out telling her


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  • just str8 up tell her man! be confident she'll be falling on her knees! or you could just go with the usaual flirt with her alot, give her compliments, make eye contact followed by a huge smile. there are many ways but at least if you just tell her you'll get instant feedback instead of always wondering if she likes you back. or you could have a friend do it in my books there's nothing wrong with just tell your friend to make it sound like you didn't tell him to do it because then you'll look like a p**** haha

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      Aaa ok thanks man and good tips