How do you let girls know you're not that into her?

Guys - what are some ways you have in the past let a girl know you are not that into her? ignore her texts/calls? excuses? do you lead her on?


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  • When I was 18 this 14 year old girl had an obvious crush on me. We took the same bus to school every morning and she always saved a seat for me. I didn't actually like her though, and I tried to make that clear. She kept asking me for my number, mostly I just made up some excuses, hoping she'd get it.

    She didn't. So she asked me to come hang out in a bar (that's right, here you can go to bars at 14 if you want. you won't get alcohol easily anymore though at that age.) Kept on making excuses, hoping that she'd realize that if was into her, I'd hang out with her.

    At one point some of her gilfriends tricked me on im. They told me they thought she could be very annoying. Of course I was too stupid to realize it was a trap setup by the girl who was crushing me.

    Lost my seat after that.

    Next time something like that happens, I plan to be more upfront at first. Tell her I have no interest, whatsoever.

    If a girl I do like, but have no romantic interest in, asked me out, I'd say yes. I'd give her the chance and would like to see if maybe some romantic interest could spark up.

    If not, I'd tell her otherwise after the date.


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  • I tell her. I'm not good at taking hints or reading body language so I don't assume the other party is either. Therefore I communicate my intentions using the only method I deem reliable enough to bother with: Clear, concise verbal communication.

  • "I'd just say to her gently that she is one of the best person & characters I've ever met whom I'm not in love with , but I hope you can accept me as a best friend ... (lying is not always the wrong way)"

    No way man, in this case honesty is the right way. I'm the kind of guy that is too nice to be a romantic interest. I've heard that bullsh*t excuse tons of time. I'd rather have her tell me she thinks I'm an a**hole and she doens't want to spend more time with me.

  • i just ignore her :P its very sad that only the girls I don't fancy show interest in me lol

  • I've never had to, but I would just say sorry I don't feel the same way.

  • F*** her and half way stop and tell her you can't do this and leave

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  • They act like jerks and hope you take the hint.