Is talking to an ex OK while in a relationship?

I think its kinda unfair to try and have a healthy relationship but one person still talks to an ex. An ex is an ex and that's it. I don't care if it was a bad break up or a bad break up, people should let bygones be bygones and keep it moving. Life is too short to be holding on to something that isn't really there.l How do people expect to move forward to better themselves if they still decide to hold on to something of the past?


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  • My man isn't friends with his ex, they are more like acquaintances, but he is still friends with her mom. I'm OK with it. She was there for him b4 him and his ex were together, during, and after. She is basically a mother figure. Just because something ended doesn't mean you have to loose all the good stuff, its not holding onto the past, more like holding onto the positive :)


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  • No..I don't think it is right to talk to your ex...unless kids are involved.

    But, no..never. I wouldn't..and I wouldn't like it if my boyfriend did it.

  • I'm still friends with my ex-boyfriend. It tooks us time to get where we are now but it was worth it. We have no romantic feelings towards each other and no hard feelings between us.

    I do realize that I need to but boundaries on my friendship when I'm in a relationship. I don't want to lose my friendship with my ex-boyfriend but I also don't want to lose out on my realtionship.

    • how can you have a romantic feeling about an ex, but still be in a relationship with another guy. It doesn't make any sense. Your gonna catch a lot of drama from a new relationship because of this unless the new guy is willing to put up with it.

    • My point was that I don't have any romantic feelings about my ex and we are still friends. Its a friendship that I cherish very deeply but if I'm in a serious relationship with a guy, I understand that boundaries need to be put on my friendship in order for my romantic relationship to have a possibility.

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  • So wait? Is this a question or?