Is my ex guy friend using our mutual friends to get my attention?

I had a 4 year friendship with a guy that ended badly 3 years go. It wasn't intimate but we were very close and shared a lot with one another. After the friendship ended he didn't take responsibility for the role he played in the demise of our friendship, and I later found out that he led a few our friends to believe that he and I had sex. I was very hurt by the rumors. When I tried to confront him about the rumors he ignored me and we never spoke again. Recently he joined Facebook after 3 years of no contact with them and started sending requests to all of our mutual friends. Most of our friends accepted the request, which is fine, but I was just shocked at the whole situation because most of our friends supposedly hated him for what he did to me (although I never asked them to choose sides or condoned their behavior) and for ignoring their calls, social invites and being rude from time to time. Also, when he and I were friends he never spoke highly of most of them. In fact, he... Show More