Married woman falling for someone else

I am married but I think iv started to fall for another guy, I feel like I can confide more to him and be myself more. My husband and I have been on the rocks for a few months but he then does stuff that remiss me why I married him. But we do argue alot. Help!


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  • It is very hard to see the forest when you are standing in the middle of the trees. And it is hard to see the good and bad points of each other and your marriage because you are in the middle of it. You really should find a good counselor (both of you preferred, by yourself if he won't go) and see what you can accomplish. The counselor may be affiliated with your religion or not, depending on your desires.

    Love is not the magical feeling most people think it is. It is finding someone who interests you, shares your interests, motivates you, etc. When you find someone like that, you decide whether the person is one you wish to put more trust and faith in, and share your life with. If so, you move into a deeper committed relationship, often marriage. Many do this and do not recognize it, just think they "fell in love". Others think they are deeply in love and commit themselves to each other, then find there is much they do NOT have in common and it tears them apart.

    Nothing stays the same forever. Each of you will change somewhat, but you made a commitment, so you each need to adapt a bit to continue loving and living with that person. Too many people reach a point where they see some changes, and take that as a reason (or an excuse) to end the relationship. For some people, it is easiest to dump things and move on, but a committed, loyal person will work at keeping the relationship together, happy, and productive.

    Again, please find a counselor who can help you see the qualities you earlier found in each other, and help you onto a path that builds your marriage, not destroys it. If one of you refuses to go, the counselor may still help the other get the marriage back on track. The things you learn may also take you the other way, and if you find the marriage is ending, you will know that you honestly tried to make it work.

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