How could my ex move on so fast?

Me and my girl was going out for three and half years almost four years. Our relationship wasn't perfect like most relationship but it wasn't a dull one either. We had some amazing times, I was the first guy she moved in with, I was practically the first guy she did a lot of things with. We were in... Show More

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  • In my opinion? It looks like she's moving on fast now that you see it, but she probably decided to more or less give up on the relationship and moved on a long, long time ago.

    • not really...cause about 4 months ago everything was just great. we just went to Orlando in June for my Birthday and like a month later we got into a really stupid argument and that's when everything changes

    • There's a difference between "I think everything was great" and "everything was great." All I'm saying is that there's a very strong possibility she wasn't seeing the relationship in as good terms as you were.

    • You might be right but she's the type of person that would tell me but I really and trully believe that the last fight that we got into and didn't talk for months just ruin everything