I just broke up with my boyfriend. Not sad about it at all.

i just broke up with my boyfriend today after dating for awhile and I'm not sad about it at all and I don't know if that's a good thing that I'm not sad about it or not! I mean he's a great guy and all but I just lost my feeling for him. but I think to that I am having an easier time with the break up cause I have other guys to choose from that have been after me even before I had gotten with my boyfriend but I don't think I'm ready to move on right away since its only been a few hours since I broken up with my boyfriend. but I don't want to wait to long other wise one of those guys who have been after me might be gone when I am finally ready if I wait to long so I don't know what to think or how to react or if I should be sad about the break up!


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  • All breakups are different in their own ways. My best friend lost feelings in his girlfriend and they ended it on neutral grounds. They are happy as friends and that's that. Being newly out of a relationship you seriously shouldn't worry about finding a boyfriend right away. Just wait awhile and see if something sparks in another guy. Best of luck

    Peace, Jenna


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  • haha a few hours...ya you should def wait! I remember when me and my ex broke up I didn't really care too much because I knew this other guy but after a day it really hurt..i would give it time you don't wanna rush it

    also, there is no right way to feel every relationship is different and everyone reacts differently

  • Don't feel bad that's a good thing. You were not happy in the relationship so you ended it. There's nothing wrong with that.