Why is my ex boyfriend being so malicious and mean?

Busted my man cheating on me online and now he is completely trashing me to this other girl...saying I'm a drug addict and that I'm crazy! He denied even knowing me at first! So, I bust him cheating and lying to me and he goes and turns it around and makes me look like the bad one? I'm so mad, hurt and sad all at the same time. What gives? How can he go from "loving me" one week to saying that I'm this bad person?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would never do my girlfriend that way, even tho we aren't together anymore. you call him your boyfriend cause you still love him, I'm sorry he isn't acting right, sometimes when people are wrong and know it they turn it around as a copout or a means to get around it. What he needs to do is at least be nice to you and treat you awesome since your nice enough to try and forgive him. he shouldn't trash your name tho, I can tell your sensitive cause I am, and I always get treated sh*tty. I always try to be just and fair in all my actions and communications with my partner, and try to talk over stuff with them. you know your not the bad one and so does he. oh yeah, he knows, don't even begin to buy that act. especially if you have been a good lover to him and nice too,so you know, you only deserve being treated fair, nice, and right. good luck with the script flippn dude.