How could she move on so fast?

Me and my ex broke up back in mid June...(but not really breaking up) but we were still talking about getting back together and fixing things cause she thought she was prego with my baby..after a few months she started to ignored me and she gave me cold shoulders for two months..she finally agreed to talk to me in Oct and when we talk she told me there was another guy she was talking to and the way she talk about him just sicken me. she made it seen like he was perfect. so on Oct-8 we did the (actual) break up, like we were through for sure. So two weeks after that she change her status on Facebook from single to in a relationship...and just now I was on Facebook and started typing her name and she as a pic of him and her as her display*t just broke my heart and I almost through up...How could she do this to me after been together for four years and were living together for one year? how could she move on so fast? we have such a history together and a good path together...Can this mean anything? I mean this is crazy I can't believe she would do that but then again I was told that he tricked her into liking him and making her forget all about me? Its this even possible?


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  • No don't think that the guy might have done supra-natural stuff to make her fall for him! .. She could just be an immature person who enjoys changing guys with no problem! You should actually feel proud that you guys broke up .. you deserve better! Bottom like is problems happen all the time , and I know how you feel .. but the only thing that you can do now is "wait ".. it's very hard I know .. but you need to wait until you get over her.. I know it's awful to forget 4 years of relationship .. but you have to :) ..think that you will find better.. a girl who will not sell you so fast for someone else.. a girl who appreciates who you are .. don't worry it will pass soon : ) Good luck

    • shes not the type of person that likes doing stuff like that...lately I've been thinking about it and it all make sense..her behaviors was unexplainable and I just can't help ask myself that. how can she do that to me and how can she behave like that..everything was making sense to me now. I was told that he did something to her to make her forget about by someone I don't even know..they person told me many things about me and I was how did you know that? he said "just trust me"

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  • you really can't trick anyone unless they want it anyway

    • no..I mean trick like curse or brainwashed

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  • No he didn't trick her. She found another guy and moved on. You should too.

  • welcome to the club bro, want a t-shirt.. it's called life, take it or leave it

    • thanks...didnt really answer my question though

    • sorry, sh*t happens in life, you just gotta learn from your mistakes and move on