If he cheated on me how can I make him confess?

My boyfriend and I are long distance and we have a big time difference (4 hours) so when he calls me "at night" he's really calling me at 8 o clock, which means he has the night free to do whatever he wants. I'm very suspicious and something happened between us in a conversation where it was clear... Show More

Also we're both 23 so we're young...young people cheat more often too right?

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  • i am exactly f***in like you except with my girl. I'm in a long distance relationship too but anyway. I doubt you can make him guilty but you can say you know he did it and he has once chance to admit it or f*** him.that probably won't work but there's not much you can but try to get him to stumble on his words so that you know he did something. I used to cheat on my girlfriends all the time but I never cared about them. I care about my girl now and I would NEVER cheat on her. if he loves you he won't cheat on you.

    • He says the same thing, but I feel like when push comes to shove if the girl is hotter than me any guy would do it

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    • Same, I used to be very selfish in relationships and always looking for the next best thing but I could see my boyfriend potentially fathering my children someday....couldn't cheat on him

    • You seem to be a very close minded person obviously you haven't met a lot of guys to say they all cheat....... that's like me saying all women can't do sports