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If he cheated on me how can I make him confess?

My boyfriend and I are long distance and we have a big time difference (4 hours) so when he calls me "at night" he's really calling me at 8 o clock,... Show More

Also we're both 23 so we're young...young people cheat more often too right?

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  • i am exactly f***in like you except with my girl. I'm in a long distance relationship too but anyway. I doubt you can make him guilty but you can say you know he did it and he has once chance to admit it or f*** him.that probably won't work but there's not much you can but try to get him to stumble on his words so that you know he did something. I used to cheat on my girlfriends all the time but I never cared about them. I care about my girl now and I would NEVER cheat on her. if he loves you he won't cheat on you.

    • He says the same thing, but I feel like when push comes to shove if the girl is hotter than me any guy would do it

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    • Same, I used to be very selfish in relationships and always looking for the next best thing but I could see my boyfriend potentially fathering my children someday....couldn't cheat on him

    • You seem to be a very close minded person obviously you haven't met a lot of guys to say they all cheat....... that's like me saying all women can't do sports

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  • "If he cheated on me how can I make him confess?"Watch "24" on Fox.Look for a character named Jack Bauer.Do what he does.

  • hey, just before we're young doesn't mean we'll cheat.its often adult since they know more of what they want and how to get away, and emotonally mroe stronger than young people to do itu just hv to believe in him that she hasn't cheated and wudnt on, u.if you know his personally enough to make this long distance relationship work, then you would know enough that he can or cannot be trust worthy for cheating matterif you dnt know him enough whether he;ll cheat or not then this relationship is not going to work. it happened to me, we had to break up

  • You can't make anyone do anything. And it's unrealistic and unhealthy to try. If you can't trust this guy to stay loyal, it's best to dump him and move on. That's the most mature, responsible thing you could possibly do. All your manipulations, tricks, guilt games, etc are almost as bad as cheating, because you're undermining the relationship. Not all men cheat. Don't blame all men because you've had bad experiences.

    • Actually nobody has ever cheated on me before I don't think....I've just seen other women destroyed that way. Especially young guys.

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  • Maybe therapy to address your trust issues? If you love someone you have to be able to trust them. Even when it's not long distance you can't be with someone all day, every day. Until you get yourself straightened out you'll never be happy with anyone. And if you keep on with this you're probably going to end up driving him away!

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