Ex girlfriend - contacting me after 4 months of no contact

My (cheating) ex girlfriend sent me a pleasant sounding email asking me how I'm doing, sounding upbeat, and acting like nothing has happened. Any idea what she's trying to do?


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  • shes tryin to see if she still has you wrapped around her finger...ignore it, or tell that cheating bitch to back off and you're moving on to bigger and better things...screw cheaters, I have no respect for them

    • thumbs up to awaken's comment...

    • never entertain her messages unless your ready for another break down..besides ask yourself are you gonna waste your time on a cheater?

    • dude its not your fault this happened to you...let me tell you one thing that I hope you learned from this...to NOT cheat - you know EXACTLY how it feels to be cheated on, every girl your with will never have to feel that due to the fact that some cold hearted bitch did that to you...it has happened to me and I feel your pain - it will just make you stronger...ignore the sh*t out of her and be sucessful in every way you can

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  • She is attempting to get your attention. She already broke the 'no contact' hurdle...

    • To my knowledge she is currently with the guy she cheated me on with. So I'm not sure why she wants my attention.

  • She probably wants to get laid. Sounds sketch to me.

    • Shes a good looking girl, I'm sure she can get laid anytime she wants.

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  • Similar thing recently happened to me. All I can say is, she is not the same person you knew so don't expect her to treat you like a priority in her life. On another note, we should round up all cheaters and send them on a bus ride off a cliff.

  • I send those to the Junk/Spam folder.

  • Who knows, some women don't have a conscience but I'm sure you know what you should doWhy are her e-mails still able to get through is the ?.

    • hah good point. I thought deleting all of her contact info on my end was enough, I did not expect to hear from her again.

  • Girls: first they want you, than they don't. As simple as that.. (vice versa too)

  • Trying to get back dude or get sth from you.