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What went wrong and why did she cheat? (question for former cheaters)

When I first met my girlfriend (2 years now) I was head over heels. She was amazing by all the standards. However I came to find out that nothing's... Show More

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  • Cheating...I have done it once, in a previous relationship. It was wrong, but I can do nothing to erase it. Yes, being drunk can do stupid things. That was my case. But to do it twice should tell you something. you do it once same on you, you do it twice, shame on me. Good luck man.

  • Were you able to forgive her?... If so how?

    A similar thing happened between my boyfriend and I. We were together for 8 years and we got into a big fight. There were signs that I was cheated on him and he was cheating on me. I was not cheating on him but he felt that I was. He said he was not cheating on me but the signs pointed to yes. We stopped talking about and broke up for about a month. One night I was very drunk and ended up sleeping with someone from high school as well. I know that I would never touch this guy if I was sober because when I was given the chance a few years before this I said no because I did not like him and I was in love with my boyfriend.

    I am not sure what happened but I told my boyfriend what happened. We both consider what I did cheating since we were together so long and we were in a huge fight when this happened. He says that he did not do anything. I am not questioning that. Whether he did or he didn't I know he loves me.

    How do I get him to forgive me? Can I ever get him to forgive me?

    I would say that her friend took advantage of her. I say that because I was somewhat in her shoes and I know that if I was not drunk what I did would never of happened. I can't blame what I did on the alcohol since I am the one that drank it. Your girlfriend needs to own up to what she did.

    I know that talking about it is very hard and if she is ashamed it is going to be hard for her to talk about it. She is probably just going to want to forget about it and hope things can move on and you look toward the future instead of the past.

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