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Why would my Ex-boyfriend want to contact me when he has a new girlfriend?

My ex has contacted me after close to a year of no contact. He asked how things were with me and he continues to contact me every couple weeks just... Show More

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  • Why did you guys break up? Are you sure he is really seeing someone regularly, or could you possibly be mistaken, and they could be friends? How long were you together, and was it warm and fuzzy then? Sorry for all the questions but I would like to know your actually feelings. Obviously your inner self allowed you, to be vonerable, and meet him after such a long time. And how long has it been since you just saw him recently, are your feelings just as strong now, as they were you saw him last time you met? One thing is for sure, now is a great time, to get all your questions answered. Was your heart in it, or was it infatuation after you met? Reason why I'm addressing the last meeting is because a year is long time, and feelings get rekindled, or confusing to say the least.

    • Honestly there was no reason given by him. One day he just disappeared. About a month after that he called but then he just wouldn't awnser my calls or texts so I just stopped trying to contact him. We were together for about 8 months. Yes we were very close. I believe he is seeing someone because on his Facebook it says in a relationship. FB is the only way he contacts me. I miss him so much and my feelings for him have not changed. It was 4 days last I saw him. So many good memories together

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  • I think he is having a hard time letting you go. Watch his reaction when you start dating someone. LOL!

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