Why does a guy want to see his ex so badly?

well the questions speaks for itself, but I keep getting text messages from my ex saying that he wants to meet me for a coffee. and I agreed to meet him tomorrow. And I said to him that 'I am going to London bridge and then Oxford street because I needed to buy a couple of things' and then he said 'go in the morning and I will meet you on your way back' and I said 'I am not coming around your house'. and he hasn't replied yet.he has asked me so many times to meet him but I keep saying no to him nicely in a diplomatic way, and he doesn't seem to understand it that I don't want to see him anymore, so do some guys wants to see their ex-es so much and keep asking them to meet?

I sent a text to him saying that I would be done with shopping at 3pm and we could meet at 3:30pm in the train station, and we could get a coffee and talk. and he said that he would still be in church at that time. what is that about?