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Why does a guy want to see his ex so badly?

well the questions speaks for itself, but I keep getting text messages from my ex saying that he wants to meet me for a coffee. and I agreed to meet... Show More

I sent a text to him saying that I would be done with shopping at 3pm and we could meet at 3:30pm in the train station, and we could get a coffee and talk. and he said that he would still be in church at that time. what is that about?
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  • My brother is one of these guys. He likes to be friends with his ex girlfriends and its annoying because most of his ex'es are my friend. But He doesn't want to see them hurt as much. He may want a quickie, You never know. Or they might want to see what happened to the girl after they broke up. I piss off my boyfriends on where they don't want anything to do with me so I am happier. I would just ignore him if I were you.

    • To be honest I have been trying to tell him nicely that I don't want to see him, in a indirect way like 'I am busy, I can't today' or 'I have other important things to do' or 'I am helping my parents' and lots of other excuses, but apparently he doesn't understand it. and I can't be rude and say 'you know what I don't want to see you anymore or talk to you' but I cant. so I try to be diplomatic hoping he would understand.

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    • true, I do, and I have stopped talking to him.

    • Okay Send one more text message for him and saying this is the last time you will hear from me, We need time apart and move on. Something along that line and don't reply to him if he tries to say something back.

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