How to break up long distance?

Kind of a bummer topic I know and pretty cliche but I'd appreciate input from girls and guys.

I've been in a long distance relationship for about almost two years now ever since my boyfriends family moved south. We're thousands of miles apart and frankly it's pretty amazing we made it this long. But lately we've started to drift apart...I can definitely tell and feel a difference though I'm not really sure he's noticed.

I'm just not satisfied and happy with us anymore...he's SO far away and our conversations (well really our whole relationship) went from happy and intimate and fun and something to look forward to to strained and dull and impersonal. We don't talk nearly as much and when we do it's either really disappointing or trivial. I've been thinking of breaking up for a while now; we've always been so close though (we were good friends before we got into a relationship) and I know that this is still going to feel out of the blue for him and regardless of how downhill our relationship has gone I don't ever want to hurt him.

So how do I do it? We can't do it face to face. Call? Text? Email/Internet?

I know text/internet seem kind of cold but IDK. We've been pretty distant lately. I'd almost feel weird asking him to call.

Any ideas on how to do it? And how to spare him as much hurt as possible?



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  • if you haven't been chatting and a Skype break up isn't possible send an email saying you want to break up and explaining why. Just explain about the distance or he may think you have cheated or are interested in someone else and be hurt by that.

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      As a guy would that be the best option on the receiving end in your opinion? I don't want to add additional hurt by making him think I don't care enough. Then again a phone call could just be full of a lot of awkward/painful silence. Whole situation blows...

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      Thanks lol really appreciate this.

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      no worries been in the same boat haha