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Why won't he talk to me? Because he liked me or because he never liked me?

I met a great guy while visiting my hometown, but I didn't think anything would ultimately happen because we lived 1000 miles apart. Despite this,... Show More

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  • My money is on him having really liked you, or else he put a lot of effort into it for it having been just a game to him. Maybe what you saw as "making sure I'm not just a booty call" seemed to him like you weren't that interested...but then something would make you seem interested, and he thought YOU were being hot and cold?

    But a girlfriend and kid all of a sudden? What a mess. My guess is you probably lucked out by having this not work out, whether it feels like it or not

  • It really seems like it was because you were trying to make sure he really liked that. A lot of guys hate that, and we hate trying to prove our love it they won't prove it back. So I'm guessing he just moved on to someone that he knew liked him back right away.

    • Didn't think of that. I'll have to remember that for the future. I was afraid that since we had sex the weekend we met (I figured it would just be vacation sex, but it turned into more) he might only see me as a friend with benefits. Guess I shouldn't have overthought things. Anyway, we are talking again, and it turns out that he had gotten back w/his ex, although that is not going well AT ALL. Also, I don't think he's ready for a relationship, so I can see that your point is even more apt

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