Why won't he talk to me? Because he liked me or because he never liked me?

I met a great guy while visiting my hometown, but I didn't think anything would ultimately happen because we lived 1000 miles apart. Despite this, he kept in touch with me for a year, and he put way more effort into it than I did. Then I ended up moving back to my hometown for unrelated reasons. He started pursuing me, but I didn't make it easy for him because I didn't want to be just a booty call. I wanted to make sure that he liked and respected me, because I knew I had already fallen for him. After a few months we finally saw each other, and we seemed to have even more chemistry than when we first me, which was awesome because now we were friends, too. After a bit he turned hot and cold, so I offered to walk away, but he wouldn't let me. He upped the intensity dramatically, making me believe that he genuinely was interested, then, a week later, he suddenly had a girlfriend and child. Now he won't talk to me. (I don't bother trying anymore, either. I gave him the opportunity for a week and that was it.) My question is: is he refusing to talk to me because he actually did like me and now feels guilty, or is it because I was never anything more than a game to him?