What does it means when I guy breaks up with because you are too good for him?

my boyfriend broke up with me after a 4 months serious relationship because he says "I'm too nice for him and he can't treat me the same" that has a lot of sh*t going in his life and doesn't have the time to spend with me and such and such. as far as I knew he hasn't meet someone else but I feel like there's another reason behind it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You make him feel insecure and like he's not good enough for you, like you're such a great person and he just feels bad in general because he just doesn't treat you the way he thinks you should be treated. Keep in mind though that's a possibility, it's rare that guys think that way. I think few who say that really mean it, but its possible. I think he just has a lot going on in his life and he needs time to sort it out and he thinks that by saying that it'll make you feel better somehow.