What does it means when I guy breaks up with because you are too good for him?

my boyfriend broke up with me after a 4 months serious relationship because he says "I'm too nice for him and he can't treat me the same" that has a lot of sh*t going in his life and doesn't have the time to spend with me and such and such. as far as I knew he hasn't meet someone else but I feel like there's another reason behind it.


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  • You make him feel insecure and like he's not good enough for you, like you're such a great person and he just feels bad in general because he just doesn't treat you the way he thinks you should be treated. Keep in mind though that's a possibility, it's rare that guys think that way. I think few who say that really mean it, but its possible. I think he just has a lot going on in his life and he needs time to sort it out and he thinks that by saying that it'll make you feel better somehow.


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  • Usually it means he's hiding some sort of addiction or mental disorder, and uses this as a cover story. Either that or he's just met someone else that interests him more, and he won't come clean about that, either.

  • If you think (just don't be naive) he's truthful, then it's probably because he really can't be good enough for you. If I had a girlfriend who I knew was too good for me, I'd let her go. I wouldn't want to waste her time love when she could be with someone much better than me. I'd want the happiest for the girl I'm with, and if I can't provide it, I'd let her know.

  • it means what it means... sometimes someone is just so great, that we feel that we really can't give them what they want or deserve. It sucks when you evaluate things and realize that you would be just holding them back...

    sometimes its the truth. We don't want someone else to be held back or not get what they deserve when our goals just aren't the same and we feel like we can't even take care of OUR OWN problems yet.

    thats why so many guys aren't truly comfortable with SERIOUS, committed, long term relationships until we have a set career and stable life that can handle these things.

    thats my view anyway...


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  • It's probably due to low self confidence, and he thinks you really are so amazing that he would always be worrying that you'll find someone better for you who could cater to your intellectual, emotional, as well as physical needs better than he can.

    As for the other reasons, either the break up all stems mostly from low self confidence issues, or perhaps he's just not quite ready for commitment.