Does anybody really want to be monogamous?

I have come across some suspicious messages that my husband has written and it really got to me. He also has an account that He doesn't know I know about. Strange things said there too. I mean I know he loves me and all, but the thought popped into my head the other day.. Does anyone really want to be with anyone? Does monogamy really exist? Or is it a delusions that we tell ourselves? My feelings are hurt.


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  • Does anybody really want to be monogamous?

    Many do though whether they would really enjoy it is a the question to me.

    Does anyone really want to be with anyone?

    Many do as loads of gals seek relationships/marriages and loads of guys seek a f*ck buddy/booty call.

    Does monogamy really exist?

    It exists though whether it's a happy existence is a tossup to me.

    Or is it a delusions that we tell ourselves?

    I think the delusion is more of that a happy & healthy heterosexual monogamy is common. Many gals aren't happy in their monogamous relationships and many guys don't want to be monogamous as they seek variety and youth/beauty preferring to f*ck young attractive gals than having sex with and remaining with one gal who'll lose her youth/beauty.

    • You know. Yor right. Men and women really are biologically programmed different a great deal of the time... This really hurts me. I've seen dozens of scientific evidence that proves men are largely meant to repopulate and provide. This does not mean they are loyal or monogamous. Why am I so hell bent on honestly and monogamy ? I feel silly

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  • The "grass is greener" theory applies to relationships as well. I believe in momogamy, but I also know our urges as humans sometimes get the best of us. It's jsut a matter if we have the discipline to ignore them.

  • i want to be monogamous

  • I'd like to have that, but I don't have the ability to trust. I know it's possible.

    Have you said anything? I hope everything works out for the best.

  • Heck yes I do.


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  • I want to, and am monogamous in my relationship.