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Does my ex girlfriend still love me after a year and a half? What does this mean?

My ex and I are both seniors in high school right now and we dated in our freshman and sophomore years, from Feb of 2010 to Feb of 2011, so its been... Show More

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  • I think that it would have to be something to build on. You'd have to work on your problems. You said that if her behavior happened again, you don't think you'd give her another chance. Compromise is important. If she is sorry for her behavior and wants to work on it, well it's something she has to improve. Whether it will always stem from insecurities with being with you. How much you are connected with that behavior, I don't know. Because it can be possible that you two just won't want to work it out. Trust, communication, all that good stuff should be there.

    But what's most important is that you and her are happy separately. Someone recently told me that a guy can't make a girl happy. Only she can make herself happy. He can help in enhancing it. So it's like you have control of yourself and not be too dependent or expectant of others.

    Maybe I was getting ahead of myself earlier, things are still fresh. P.s. I'm in a similar situation. Maybe you could see how things go naturally. Spend more time together casually. Not get too deep into complicated stuff, but get to know each other again and what being in each others' company is like. Of course, both have to be willing. Ask to hang out, how she feels about it maybe to see if you're on similar pages.

    You could still have feelings for each other. The history is there. You once liked each other. Whether or not you choose to work on it and be a good match is up to both parties. Whether it be a friends, acquaintance thing or more. It could be too weird trying anything. I reconnected with an ex after quite some time too. It's like the past is still there but not. Whatever happens, I wish you well.

    • when I didn't see her over the summer, I thought I stopped liked her because I was pretty pissed at her at the time. when I saw her again this school year , all those old warm feelings came flooding back. so I'm pretty sure I still love her

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