She won't leave me alone

We broke up two months ago, long story short she called me up one night wasted. Out with the girls drinking, I go pick her up. BAM! I walk in the bar they're at and there she is locking lips with her ex. To make matter worse one of her friends saw me and pointed me out to the rest of the group. Completely embarrassed I just turned around went back to our place, packed all my stuff, and left my key.

Up until three weeks ago I was living with friends. Since then I've changed everything my number, my job, deleted my Facebook, I've moved 45mins across town. She has still been able to find me, her friends are even bothering me. She wants to talk but there's no going back for me, even if we did get back together I wouldn't trust her. there's just to much history for us to attempt communication.

I just want her to stop, how can I get her to leave me alone?

why does she keep bothering me? I seen the way she kissed him she wanted that kiss

Why are her friends even getting involved? They thought it was funny at the time, so why are they bothering trying to make me the bad guy?


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  • Girls do messed up sh*t for messed up reasons. Like, she could have just been trying to make you jealous, and didn't realize you'd be quite capable of ending the entire relationship at the drop of a hat.

    Girls can be stupid like that sometimes. Especially when they are listening to the advice of their so-called friends.

    Depending on her reasons for doing what she did, she may now be in the position of desperately trying to a) Mend things b) Explain things c) Just get closure

    If it's either of those, and she's not the most stable sort, then good luck - girls like that can go stalker mad until they get what they want.

    You've changed your number, job, Facebook - how is still finding you?

    And as for her friends trying to make you the bad guy - f*** 'em, they don't deserve a second of your brain time even wondering about.


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  • maybe, she's too confident she can get you back, and she brags about it with her friends that's why her friends are involved.

    you know what's the best thing you could do to get rid of her? tell her you don't want her anymore, tell her to leave you alone, and tell that to her face!. :)

    then...move on and find another girl. :)

  • She's a stupid ****.

    Good job, though, you've done a lot of the right things! She's not stable if she's having her friends do all the dirty work for her. Give her a warning- tell her she either tells her friends to leave you alone, or you're getting a restraining order against her. That'll definitely shut her up!

  • In my opinion, you should talk to her. Tell her how you feel, and make it clear that you don't want her. She doesn't deserve you to talk to her, but it'd help you in long run. You'll know that you were the bigger person.

  • sounds like she was trying to make you jealous by making out with her ex. girls are crazy, I would just meet up with her and if you reallyy want nothing to do with her tell her that, and mean it. she should leave you alone after that.

  • I know it's kind of a cliche, but the best thing you can really do is ignore her. Her friends try talking to you? Say you don't have time for their bullsh*t, && walk away. She calls you crying? Just simply hang up. Any rumors you hear about how much of a d*** you are - && believe me, immature bitches like that will spread rumors - just shrug them off. If anyone's stupid enough to believe them, they aren't worth your time. Just gotta know to stand your ground, just keep reminding yourself kit's just a small speed bump, eventually it will only be a small unfortunate event that won't even cross your mind,

    I apologize on behalf of my gender for the immature, pathetic bullsh*t these bitches pulled on you. But, I know you'll meet someone worth while. :)

  • i guess, there must be a closure to your relationship. you need to listen to her side and then tell her why you don't want her anymore and you did not like the way she acted on that night. and since you don't trust her anymore, then, make her understand your side, that you don't want to come back to her and all you gotta do is to move on from each other.

    Good Luck! :)

  • Most likely she locked lips with her ex boyfriend because she still isn't over her ex boyfriend girls don't kiss there ex boyfriends unless they are still having feelings for them,even if she was trying to make you jealous she could have picked a random guy to makeout with and not her ex boyfriend.Girls have to have a separation period to get over there ex boyfriends if they don't have one they jump into other relationships while still having feelings for there ex. If a girl won't leave you alone when you want her to be out of your life that is a form of stalking,You can legally go to court and ask for a restraining order on the matter.

  • Um, I would find a better girl and lock lips with her. Tell her, you move on and if she keeps bothering you, you are going to get a restraining order on her.

  • I moved two hours away and my cheating ex still keeps finding me. He uses various email addresses and even called Verizon and unblocked his own number from my line, I guess he could figure my password out.) I don't know why he does it either especially since he is with the girl he cheated on me with. I hope she stops soon. I haven't heard from mine since the 5th. I final lay just started ignoring everything from him.

  • Well if she was wasted she wasn't really her usually self. But if it's too much for you to get over then you should probably give her a real explanation. If you tell her that for you there's no going back she will probably be upset because if she really wasn't bothered she would have just left you alone. Just tell her how your feeling and that you don't want to get back together you just need to give her time to get over you. Even if you really hate try be there for her as a friend.


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  • She's a poisonous bitch and has poisonous bitches as friends. Just keep trying to stay clear. If she keeps harassing you, call the cops on her ass. That'll stop her in her tracks. I'd recommend the exact same advice had you been a girl and she the harassing ex-boyfriend. Don't let her push you around like that. No one deserves to be stalked and hassled.

  • tell her to just f*** off this isn't game, tell her you'll give her one warning and if it doesn't stop you'll file a report if she asks for a reason tell her how you feel and what you felt that night and leave it

  • Dude get loud, scare the sh*t out of her. Girls like that don't deserve any affection.

  • Sounds awesome actually. Fresh starts are da bomb yo