She won't leave me alone

We broke up two months ago, long story short she called me up one night wasted. Out with the girls drinking, I go pick her up. BAM! I walk in the bar they're at and there she is locking lips with her ex. To make matter worse one of her friends saw me and pointed me out to the rest of the group.... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • Girls do messed up sh*t for messed up reasons. Like, she could have just been trying to make you jealous, and didn't realize you'd be quite capable of ending the entire relationship at the drop of a hat.

    Girls can be stupid like that sometimes. Especially when they are listening to the advice of their so-called friends.

    Depending on her reasons for doing what she did, she may now be in the position of desperately trying to a) Mend things b) Explain things c) Just get closure

    If it's either of those, and she's not the most stable sort, then good luck - girls like that can go stalker mad until they get what they want.

    You've changed your number, job, Facebook - how is still finding you?

    And as for her friends trying to make you the bad guy - f*** 'em, they don't deserve a second of your brain time even wondering about.